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Peter L. Brodie, AEMT, Captain
In his seventh year of service as Captain, Brodie has brought the Corps medical operation and leadership team to new levels by expanding the level of care provided, participating in county-wide training exercises, revamping the mutual aid plan, updating the advanced life support intercept plan and compiling and presenting data to the Corps on the performance of the medical operation.  Brodie has established and fortified a strong relationship with the Duanesburg Junior Senior High School Life in the ER class where he has team taught classes with several other DVAC medical members.  Managing the medical operation is not just a task for Brodie, it is a passion built on the foundation of engagement with first response partners, increased presence in the community and cultivation of relationships with the school, the town government and businesses within the town.
Additionally, during his terms, Brodie has served as the chair of the Schenectady County EMS Committee, treasurer of the Duanesburg Town Fire Officers Association and has been recognized in the County and the REMO region with the Harriet C. Beecher EMS Leadership Award for leading the Corps remaining in service after the tornado struck the building and damaged the ambulances on Thursday, 22 May 2014.  The relationships Brodie helped foster at the County, Region, State and with local municipal leaders and fire departments helped keep the Corps responding to calls without missing a beat.
As Captain, Brodie is responsible for managing the medical operation and is excited that in 2020 the Corps is responding professionally and compassionately through the COVID-19 Pandemic, is preparing to update the fleet, has approved a Bunk-In Scholarship Program and is preparing to start hybrid staffing to ensure a consistent response during our most challenging day time hours.

Amy Jo Simpson, EMT, Assistant Captain
Serving in her seventh consecutive year as Assistant Captain, Simpson is responsible for ensuring the ambulances are prepared for service and providing guidance for the Health and Safety Officer and managing the medical member recruitment program.  Simpson has been recognized as the BLS Provider of the Year for Schenectady County and received the Agency of the Year Award on behalf of the Medical Membership at the Schenectady County Legislature.  Well-recognized for her compassionate and considerate care, Simpson has a calming influence on every patient encounter.  Simpson has been actively involved in various components of the Corps and has held many leadership roles in the past, including Captain, Roster Officer and Secretary, Board of Directors.

Steven D. Zink, EMT, Assistant Captain
Returning to the medical leadership team, Zink has previously served as Training Officer and Supply Officer.  Throughout his tenure with the Corps, Zink has served in various leadership roles including Treasurer and Chair, Board of Directors.  In his most recent role, Zink is serving as Assistant Captain and is responsible for providing support and guidance for the Supply Officer.  Zink has been an EMT-Crew Chief and Driver for several years and responds to serve the needs of the Corps primarily in the evenings and weekends.  Zink is also responsible for the Scholarship Bunk-In Program and will have significant impact on the volunteers from local colleges serving the Town of Duanesburg during day time hours.

Adam Fink, EMT, Training Officer / BLS Coordinator
Originally living out of town, Fink moved to town to continue his service to the Corps and the Town.  As the Training Officer, Fink supervises the continuing medical education program to help medical members renew their EMT certification, plan training exercises, collaborate on the implementation of new equipment, protocols and procedures for the Corps and has drafted well-respected driver training and EMT Mentoring programs that have produced outstanding EMTs and Drivers in service to the Corps.  An American Heart Association CPR instructor and Stop the Bleed instructor, Fink brings many educational talents to the Corps.  Fink is also serving as an EMT Crew Chief, Mentor and Driver Trainer for the Corps.  Additionally, Fink brought honor to the Corps when he was recognized with the EMS Educator of Excellence for Schenectady County.

Michael J. Pagano, Vehicle Officer – Maintenance
A quiet, passionate leader, Pagano brings a sense of calm professionalism to the position of Vehicle Officer, a role he has served for two previous years.  Pagano is responsible for keeping the vehicles in operating order, arranging tire rotations, inspections and verifying every week that the vehicles are ready for response.  The ambulance fleet maintenance work group has been led by Pagano for the two year effort to replace our aging ambulance (A933).

Nicholas K. Squires, EMT, Vehicle Officer – Equipment
A solid history and commitment to racing, Squires brings a solid diesel education from SUNY Cobleskill and Captain Region BOCES to his position as Vehicle Officer – Equipment.  Squires is responsible for maintaining all of the equipment on the ambulances as well as supporting Vehicle Officer Pagano in maintaining the ambulance fleet on a weekly basis.  An EMT, Squires looks forward to both driving the ambulances and completing the mentor program to become an EMT Crew Chief.

Christine Zapatocki, Supply Officer and Roster Officer
Taking on dual roles has been no problem for Zapatocki as she serves in the elected role of Supply Officer and the appointed role of Roster Officer.  Working diligently to maintain an adequate, not over abundant cache of medical supplies, Zapatocki is dedicated to finding the best price and product for the medical members to use when responding to calls.  Further, Zapatocki has continued in the tradition of Roster Officers dedicated to ensuring a scheduled response for emergencies within the town.  Fulfilling the requirements of both positions has enabled Zapatocki to be a valued member of the medical leadership team.

Valerie Sobotka Pagano, AEMT, Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator
A newly created position in NYS EMS, Sobotka Pagano has taken on the role of advocating for quality pediatric care, training opportunities and specific pediatric equipment with a passion like no other.  A long history as a health care provider, Sobotka Pagano brings her passion as a life-long learner to the position of PECC.  Under Sobotka Pagano’s leadership, the Corps has taken a comprehensive review of pediatric equipment and training to bring the Corps to a stronger level of compliance and preparedness when responding to our most vulnerable patients.  Sobotka Pagano has a long history of leadership in the Corps having previously served as a board member and roster officer.

Charles J. Bender, AEMT, Health and Safety Officer
Bender has taken on the role of Health and Safety Officer with an absolute drive and passion.  Responsible for the safety of the medical members, Bender also arranges the annual health testing required for medical members.  Bender also coordinates all exposures and on-duty injury care for the medical members.  A retired educator and current Registered Nurse, Bender prepares educational programming for health and safety issues, including preparation for the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Well-respected for his approach and demeanor, Bender also serves as the Secretary of the Board of Directors.

Alexander Kaczor, EMT, Informatics Associate
A recent graduate of the SUNY Canton Emergency Management Program, Kaczor supports the medical operation by managing the data and technology programming.  A passionate advocate of electronic data collection, Kaczor has helped escalate the quality utilization of the technology to help ease the efforts to manage the medical operation. 

Aidan Enders, EMT, Administrative Aide
A member since he joined at the tender age of 14 years, Enders has not only excelled as a support member but when he became a medical member at age 16 years, he excelled in this environment and became a solid asset to the medical leadership team.  Enders has demonstrated solid leadership and completed the Mentor program in a shorter period of time by dedicating himself to the effort.  A kind and thoughtful EMT, Enders has demonstrated incredible effort to be well-respected for the care he provides and the projects he completes for the Corps.