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The Board of Directors for the Corps provides oversight and guidance for the Corps encouraging active engagement for medical and support members to continue the service of the Corps.  The board members are selected by all members of the Corps and serve three year terms that are staggered. The current board members bring a plethora of service backgrounds together and provide a diversity of thought and history to the strategic vision of the Corps.

The current board members are:

Dianne M. Grant, Chair ~ as the chair, Dianne is the Chief Executive Officer of the Corps and she represents the Corps in public, provides support to the medical leadership team and support membership.  Dianne is also a member of the Duanesburg School Board while also serving as a sales representative for Mid-West Vet Supply. Dianne is married and has two sons attending Duanesburg Central Schools.  Dianne’s entire family has volunteered at events and causes for the Corps.

Charles P. (Chuck) Bender, Jr., Secretary ~ as the secretary, Chuck serves as Dianne’s surrogate upon request while he also attends to the meeting minutes and official correspondence of the Corps.  Chuck is retired following a 30 year career as a science educator at Guilderland High School and currently works as a Registered Nurse in the Transfer Center at Albany Medical Center Hospital.  Additionally, Chuck is an AEMT-Crew Chief and Driver serving a regular shift for the Corps. As if he wasn’t busy enough, Chuck also serves as the Health and Safety Officer for the Corps to help maintain the well-being of the medical members.

Jean E. Frisbee, board member ~ Jean has a long history of service to the Town of Duanesburg.  In her more than 30 years of residency in the Town, Jean has served as Chair of the Town Park Commission, a member of the Duanesburg Town Board, commissioner for the Quaker Street Fire District and, in her spare time, is trained and prepared to serve as a Driver for the Corps and as Controller tending to financial deposits for the Corps.

Michael J. Pagano, board member ~ Mike is the newest addition to the Board of Directors and is no stranger to service within the town.  As a communicant of Our Lady of Fatima in Delanson, Mike serves as Secretary for the Knights of Columbus and he volunteers with the Boy Scouts of America and various sporting organizations in and near the Town.  Mike and his wife, Valerie, are both medical members of the Corps serving on the medical leadership team (Mike as the Vehicle Officer responsible for maintenance and Valerie as the Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator).  Mike and Valerie live in Duanesburg and are raising two children in the Duanesburg Central School District.

Amy Jo Simpson, board member ~ Amy Jo is a long standing member of the board of directors having previously served as Secretary for the board of directors.  Additionally, Amy Jo is an EMT Crew Chief and Driver responding to the highest number of calls and serving the most roster hours for most of the last ten years.  Amy Jo’s entire family is included in the membership of the Corps; her husband Bob is a driver, and her two sons, James and Brian are both support members of the Corps.  In addition to her board and response service, Amy Jo also serves as an Assistant Captain for the Corps supervising the Health and Safety Officer and ambulance response preparedness.